New Support for Aconite Productions



Aconite has recently received support from Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise’s Digital Scotland to advance its digital marketing and distribution efforts.

NBrobotDigital content specialist Nicola Balkind will be partnering with the Aconite team throughout the rest of 2014 to bring Aconite productions to a wider audience in Scotland and the UK.

This means that you will be seeing much more of us online in the coming months. We’re on Facebook and Twitter sharing news about our films as well as some great resources for filmmaker’s news about the documentary filmmaking industry and discussions about film.

We are also offering key films for exhibition at local cinemas, including charity screenings and educational opportunities. If your cinema, film club, organisation or school would like to work with Aconite to learn about the topics our films explore then please get in touch.

We will be sharing more information about these opportunities in the coming weeks and months. Keep up-to-date here on our website, via our social media channels or by signing up for our mailing list below.

Latest News


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