Hoping to rescue his family from poverty, young Borja is torn between tradition, controversy and identity as he aspires to fulfil his family's dream of becoming a bullfighter.

Borja was born in a small coastal town in Spain. He is being raised, along with his younger brother Erik, by his unemployed mother Raquel. In his family, the tradition of bullfighting has always been strong, forming the core of the family’s understanding of Spanish culture. They see in Borja the potential for him to become a famous torero (bullfighter), giving them all hope for a better future.

Now, with a challenging political and financial climate in Spain, and stronger-than-ever animal rights activism, could we be witnessing the last generation of bullfighters in Spain?

Sandcastles is a thought-provoking and emotional cinematic experience that focuses on Borja and his journey. He is our passive hero, who is constantly examined and questioned within the frame of family struggles and a controversial tradition.


Director: Inma De Reyes 

Producers: Aimara Reques & Beth Earl (Rustic Canyon)

Financial support:  Screen Scotland; Chicken & Egg

Country of Co-Production: USA