The Forest for The Trees


The Forest For The Trees combines passionate, electrifying interviews with the world’s most riveting experts with stunning minimalist photography of mindblowing, confounding experiments with plants.

The film reveals the hidden brilliance of the plant world as we’ve never seen it before, and we’ll never forget.

We are not alone in the universe. We never were.
The plants grew first. They’ll keep evolving when we’re gone. If we think we’re in charge, we’re not.

What is really going on?

Watch and find out.


"...I have found my religion. Plants. I couldn’t find anything more beautiful than plants. Show me a painting more breathtaking than a flower. The most sublime painting, say Monet’s Water Lilies, withers beside its subject. Isn’t a moment in Giverny’s garden more mystical than even these glorious paintings of it?..."

        - Lucy Walker


Director: Lucy Walker

Producers: Aimara Reques, David Rosier (Decia Films)

Co-Producer: Julian Cautherley (Good 'n Proper)

Financial support: Screen Scotland

Countries of co-production: France; U.S.