INTERSPECIES (Formerly 'The Forest for The Trees')



A breathtaking documentary in which humans dramatically demonstrate and passionately argue that plants have as much by way of brainpower as they do beauty. And what if they were actually communicating with us? And if they were, what do they have to tell us?


A Sci-fi Documentary

There’s a science-fiction moment happening in science now, and it’s a fact. The notion of neurobiology in plants is really shaking scientific academia. Any evidence for something like intelligence and language in these creatures without brains has serious human opponents.

In this voyage into the unknown, we focus in particular on the groundbreaking work of key leading experts. We capture their passion and dedication for their work as well as the drama in science around their meeting with plants.


Director: Lucy Walker

Producers: Aimara Reques, David Rosier (Decia Films)

Co-Producer: Julian Cautherley (Good 'n Proper)

Financial support: Screen Scotland

Countries of co-production: France; U.S.