In INTERSPECIES, humans dramatically demonstrate and passionately argue that plants have as much by way of ‘brainpower’ as they have beauty. And if they do, how does that change the way we connect and relate to the plant world? What if they were actually communicating with us? What do they have to say? 

There is a science-fiction moment happening in science now, and it’s a fact. The notion of neurobiology in plants is really shaking scientific academia and stirring up serious debates and opposition. Our human species, in evolutionary terms, is a fairly recent phenomenon. When interacting with plants, we still have so much to learn.

INTERSPECIES takes a character-driven vérité approach to the brilliant work of the world’s leading plant experts, combined with stunning minimalist imagery of mind-blowing experiments with plants. It’s a voyage into the unknown.

Using the language of cinema and cutting-edge technology available in 2021, we follow the work of passionate, dedicated scientists and others pushing boundaries to learn more around our interconnection with plants…our key protagonists.


Director: Lucy Walker

Producers: Aimara Reques, David Rosier (Decia Films)

Co-Producer: Julian Cautherley (Good 'n Proper)

Financial support: Screen Scotland

Countries of co-production: France; U.S.

Image Credit (Banner): Craig P. Burrows Photography

Sidebar Image: Tree we planted at our production retreat at Woodwick House in Orkney.