15 in Gaza


This film follows Shurooq, a girl who lives in Gaza who soon will be celebrating her 15th birthday. In her community this means compulsory womanhood, being ready for marriage, wearing the hijab, no more playing with friends in the street, especially with boys. Shurooq is an intelligent, socially engaging girl who can be rebellious. She is not ready to face womanhood as war rages around her.

It is a simple, touching, human story that puts us in touch with the meaning of ‘adulthood’ and the paradoxes associated with it.


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Commissioned by Al Jazeera English (AJE)

Directors: Wesam Mousa and Rana Ayoub 

Producer: Su Bainbridge  

Producer in Gaza: Sami Zyara  

Executive Producer: Aimara Reques 

DOP: Frank Smith  

Editor: Lee Archer    

Music: Soundbyte

Sound Design: John Cobban