About Aconite

Aconite Productions is an award-winning production company based in Scotland, that focuses on crafting films of global significance for international distribution.

We produce award-winning feature documentaries that are shown worldwide in cinemas and broadcast.

Our international approach to filmmaking means that we have a host of collaborators in filmmakers and producers around the world.

Our partners are:

  • People who have stories to tell
  • Passionate documentary professionals
  • Enquiring audiences
  • Individuals looking to invest in catalysts for change
  • Funding organisations
  • Distributors and sales agencies
  • Festival programmers
  • Charities, voluntary organisations and NGOs
  • Media professionals

Passion and commitment are at our heart. It takes both to successfully produce the ambitious projects we undertake. We’d be delighted to hear from you if you would like to collaborate with us.

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