Aconite is 10!

20 Jul 2020

Aconite is 10 and, to celebrate, we are delighted to share with you our anniversary reel: 10 seconds of 10 projects, old and new!

We are very proud of the body of work we have created. We are grateful to you for following and supporting our work over the last ten years.

Ten is a very important age in human terms. As we leave our childhood, at 10 we start feeling like young adults. From my perspective, when I was a 10 year old girl, I remember it as a time when I started taking on more responsibilities, becoming ready for the arrival of my menstrual cycle and my capacity to reproduce.

From clumsy baby steps, to reaching puberty and looking beyond, Aconite was created with the vision to bring to the filmmaking community projects that are produced whilst holding onto the most important female values: cooperation; understanding; passion; intuition; nourishment; consideration; commitment and empathy for others. 

In the midst of the recent fear being experienced by communities across the world, through isolation and anxiety about the pandemic, more than ever we value the importance of engaging in work that is inclusive and respectful of all life on our planet. 

As we get older, we hope that our films continue to be a reflection of the time we have lived and that, somehow, they will become a legacy that will inspire and awaken communities in the future. 

For the time being, and regardless of our age and how old we manage to grow, be reassured, that we’ll continue dreaming like a child to sustain Aconite and everything we do.

Thanks again to my amazing and invaluable team, as well as the extraordinary directing and creative talent involved in our projects. Thanks also to Creative Scotland for their financial contribution to our films and to all those who have supported us over the past ten years. 

We are immensely grateful.


Aimara and The Aconite Team

Showreel Credits:
Music: Charlie Seaborn
Editing: Stephen Horne