Aconite is 13teen today!

19 Jul 2023

Aconite is 13teen today!

Time to grow up, get ready to become an adult and make the best of life.

Adolescence doesn't just need to be your ‘reckless and difficult years’. It's also a time to grow stronger and in line with the way your heart tells you to go and be inspired by role models.

Today, as teenagers in search of an identity, fueled by our hearts and the source of creation, we need to pause and reflect:

In our film industry, what makes a good role model? Is it the image of those perceived as 'a VIP'? Is it the image of power, success, money, making films to win awards, being in the spotlight, an image that is to be sustained no matter the cost?

The good thing about being teenagers is that it feels good to be rebels and to be the ones asking challenging questions: If ‘important; powerful, image-driven people’ were the ones really responsible for producing extraordinary, memorable, and unique films, why is it then that we are continuously being saturated and polluted with so many bad and unmemorable films?

Our young age in business tells us something different: creating images that can be of service to us all and become a legacy comes from a source of light that is directly tuned to our Heart and not our Ego. It's not just the product of a seductive and powerful business. It’s a light that shines from a source that cannot be contained, shaped, modelled, or constrained and is as wild, excited and on fire as the way you felt when falling in love with something or someone when you were a teenager. It's a light that makes you feel humble.

The young and still vulnerable teenager that is Aconite hopes to be able to hold to the light of excitement, authenticity, wildness, and heartfelt emotions that is keeping our business and our content alive today.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

Aconite will be having a summer break from 24th July until 7th August. We wish everyone a great summer holiday! 

Aconite Team

[Photo: Wild Aconites, Orkney, 19.07.2019]