Electric Malady


ELECTRIC MALADY is a documentary feature combined with a digital interactive experience that explores what it’s like to suffer from electrosensitivity.

Director Marie Lidén grew up with a mother who suffered from an illness that the world did not recognise – electrosensitivity. Years later, in a technologically advanced world, medical professionals still fail to diagnose and treat this illness. Many people who claim to suffer from this condition are forced to retreat from society and live an isolated life, removed from modern technology. Our film’s main subjects, William Hendeberg (41) and Tyler Hoffmann (12), are two such sufferers.

Marie gives a poignant, first-hand account of the personal impact of living with a condition that meant her family having to adapt their lives in order to ease her mother’s suffering. Using her own story as a thread, the film explores William and Tyler’s isolated worlds and their families’ unrelenting commitment to help their children.



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Director: Marie Lidén

In collaboration with Canadian producer Bart Simpson and Thierry Detaille, Agent Double, Belgium

Interactive platform design and development: Jamie Balliu of Up Creatives

Development support from Creative Scotland

Countries of co-production: UK, Canada and Belgium