Electric Malady


In this BAFTA-nominated film, Marie Lidén invites audiences into the isolated world of William, a young man who has spent a decade reluctantly retreating from modern life. A one-time master’s student and aspiring musician, his adverse reaction to the electrical radiation from our interconnected digital age has led him to a remote cabin in the Swedish wilderness. There, William spends his days hidden in a foil-encased bedroom, beneath layers of copper-lined fabric and cut off from most forms of technology. But how do you get off the grid when the grid is now everywhere?

Shot partly with a hand-cranked Bolex camera, what emerges is a lyrical and empathetic portrait of loneliness and isolation — and a loving family’s efforts to save their son’s life.



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Director: Marie Lidén

Producer: Aimara Reques

Co-producer: Su Bainbridge

Co-producer: Lorna Ferguson

Associate Producer: Beth Allan (Forest of Black)

Cinematographer: Michael Sherrington

Editor: David Arthur

Composer: John Lemke

Sound Designer: William Aikman

Financial support: Screen Scotland; Chicken & Egg

Distributor (UK & Ireland): Conic

In cinemas 3 March 2023.