Electric Malady


ELECTRIC MALADY is a documentary feature that explores what it’s like to suffer from electrosensitivity.

Director Marie Lidén grew up with a mother who suffered from an illness that the world did not recognise – electrosensitivity. Years later, in a technologically advanced world, medical professionals still fail to diagnose and treat this illness. Many people who claim to suffer from this condition, like our film's main subject William Hendeberg, are forced to retreat from society and live an isolated life, removed from modern technology. 

William has been living with electrosensitivity for over a decade. He can’t use a telephone, computer or any other electrical device. He lives in a cottage without electricity by the beautiful Lake Hjälmaren in Sweden. Here lies William’s prison where he sits alone under the suffocating cover of his protective blankets, stacked so thickly on his head that he looks like a tragic cartoon ghost.

Electric Malady explores William's isolated world and his parents' unrelenting commitment to save their son.



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Director: Marie Lidén

Producers: Aimara Reques; Lorna Ferguson

Associate Producer: Beth Allan (Forest of Black)

In collaboration with Thierry Detaille (Visible Film)

Financial support: Screen Scotland; Chicken & Egg