ELECTRIC MALADY, the pitch and more @EIFF

14 Jun 2015

After returning from Sheffield Doc/Fest where our team was busy pitching our latest projects, watching inspiring documentaries and enjoying the company of great friends and colleagues, we are now getting ready to pitch at the Edinburgh Pitch.

Our project ‘Electric Malady’ by talented artist Marie Liden is one of the projects selected to pitch there this year.

The Edinburgh Pitch is running alongside the Edinburgh International Film Festival (17-28 June). Independent filmmakers and companies developing and raising finance for creative feature documentaries are pitching their projects in front of an international panel on Tuesday 16th June.

ELECTRIC MALADY is a feature documentary and interactive website that explores the illness electrosensitivity. This is an illness where the sufferer becomes hypersensitive to electro-magnetic fields. This is a very personal project to filmmaker Marie Liden as her mother developed a severe version of this illness when Marie was little and because of that she had to grow up more or less without electricity.

We are co-producing with award-winning producers Bart Simpson (The Corporation, Big Boys Gone Bananas!) and Lucie Tremblay of Lowik Media and the digital platform is being designed and developed by two talented web-docs experts: Jamie Balliu of Up Creatives and Anrick Bregman of Unit9.

This project is being developed thanks to the support of Creative Scotland.

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Aconite Productions is also involved in the “Get it Made: Funding Stories – Panel Discussion” taking place on the 25th of June at the Traverse at 11.30 am.

Come along and join us to hear stories the filmmakers have to tell, and what they have gone through to get their projects made.

See you all there!