ELECTRIC MALADY to Participate at International DOK Leipzig

23 Oct 2015

Filmmaker Marie Liden and producer Aimara Reques will be given the opportunity to look for international co-production partners and financiers at one of the most renowned platforms for documentary makers, hosting more than 70 potential co-financiers, distributors, broadcasters and more.

ELECTRIC MALADY is a documentary film coupled with a digital interactive experience exploring the struggles and effects of Electro-sensitivity.

Inspired by her own experiences of Electro-sensitivity, Marie’s exploration into the condition comes at a time when there are few places in the world to escape electricity; and when sufferers consider suicide as one of the only ways to cure their pain.

In an attempt to shed some light on a rather unknown and under-researched condition, Marie’s journey will take a new step on October 26th and 27th when the filmmaker travels to Germany for the prestigious co-production meetings.

ELECTRIC MALADY is a co-production between Aconite Productions and award-winning producers Bart Simpson (The Corporation, Big Boys Gone Bananas!) and Lucie Tremblay of Lowik Media and the digital platform is being designed and developed by two talented web-docs experts: Jamie Balliu of Up Creatives and Anrick Bregman of Unit9.

This project is being developed thanks to the support of Creative Scotland.