Happy 7th Birthday Aconite!

19 Jul 2017

This week is a very special moment as we are celebrating Aconite Productions’ 7 years of existence.

We did not offer aconites to each other; the deadly queen of poisons is better off your hands. However, it wasn’t without excitement that I decided to make a little surprise cake, which led to a wee impromptu celebration. I must admit, the prospect of having another taste of Aimara’s delectable Porto motived me as well. So, did I make an apricot and almond tart. The team’s taste buds seemed delighted (promised, one day, I’ll write a blog about cooking).


Now our stomachs content, our glasses emptied, the emotion comes over! Our smiles say it for us: we are glad to be here! And this would have not happened without our collaborators, partners, funders, family, friends, pets, plants, stones, sunshine and rain – thank you all! From Venezuela to Gaza, Georgia to Scotland, Greenland to Brasilia, Russia to USA; all our productions and co-productions have humbly attempted to encourage a meaningful change, an engaging perspective. This is our flame within us, what leads us, motivates us.

Now the celebration may be over, but it’s full of enthusiasm that we get back to work, and look ahead. Further compelling documentaries are on the horizon. Our ambitions are also local: we want to make the Burgh Business Centre a new hub for creativity, film making and social enterprise. We are going to work hard on it. But don’t worry, I’ll sneak in here every now and then to keep you up to date!