Hotel Chernobyl


An ambitious businessman returns home to a remote village in Chernobyl to open its first western styled holiday resort. Bringing adventure tourists to a community that has been isolated since the world's most infamous nuclear disaster in 1986. 

Having fled Chernobyl as a boy, wealthy Kiev businessman Valerie returns home to set up the first international hotel, bar and restaurant on the edges of the 'Death Zone'.

Looking to capitalise on the explosion of interest in Chernobyl after the success of HBO's international TV series, he aims to create a new future for his home village of Dytyatky, trapped by its dark past.

With the international tourist industry decimated by the pandemic, a village resistant to change and a workforce used to farming and hard industry, will the dream of creating a vacation destination like no other become another disaster to live through?


Directors: Mark Devlin, Ian Hendry

Producer: Aimara Reques

Financial support: Screen Scotland

Countries of Co-Production: Ukraine