New Commission: ‘15 IN GAZA’ by Wesam Mousa

21 Dec 2012

We are delighted to announce that we have just started to develop ’15 IN GAZA’, a new documentary by Palestinian director Wesam Mousa.

This film has been commissioned by Aljazeera English

It is an intimate portrait of Shorouq, an intelligent, socially engaging girl who lives in Gaza and who soon will be celebrating her 15th birthday. In her community this means compulsory womanhood, being ready for marriage, wearing the hijab, no more playing with friends in the street. Shorouq is an active girl, artistic and intelligent, she excels at school, she is involved with the school radio station and wants to help re-build her community.

Shorouq is not ready to face womanhood while war rages around her.

We are aiming to start filming in February and to have this film ready in early summer.