New Productions: ‘AQUARELA’ AND ’15 IN GAZA’

01 Feb 2013

This has been a packed and very busy New Year and January 2013 has departed without slowing its pace. The new months are filling up already with exciting activities and challenging tasks ahead.

We announced in the New Year the starting of two new projects:


We are delighted that Creative Scotland has agreed development investment for AQUARELA, a beautiful, daring and poetic documentary by renowned documentary maker Victor Kossakovsky to remind the planet of the meaning of water and our solid dependence on its existence.  We are feeling humbled and honoured as well as terribly excited by this magnificent project, which will start emerging this spring. Follow us on Aconite Productions Facebook ( and Twitter account (@aconitedocs) for further details of the development. This project is a coproduction with (Germany) and our close allies at The Scottish Documentary Institute.

’15 IN GAZA’ is our collaboration with Palestinian director Wesam Mousa, commissioned by Al Jazeera English. The film follows, Shorouq, a soon to be 15 year old girl  from Gaza who struggles with the meaning of compulsory womanhood in her culture while her community faces the struggle and legacy left by war. It is a simple, touching, human story that puts us in touch with the meaning of ‘adulhood’ and the paradoxes associated with it. Production starts at the end of February. We have been very busy organizing the production in this complex territory. You can find further information about these projects in our productions page:

Garry Fraser’s ‘Everybody’s Child’ has been completed. We organized a private screening of this film last December with our friends and supporters and the response was overwhelming. We are very pleased with Garry’s work and are now ready to launch the film into the world and let it travel to Festivals and screens around the world.  Follow the film on its website: Everybody's Child

We will keep you all posted on future developments and keep an eye (or two) on this space.  Now we need to get on with our busy schedule.