Onwards and upwards: AQUARELA

18 Jul 2014

Pictured (Clockwise): Victor Kossakovsky, Joslyn Barnes, and Heino Deckert with Aconite’s Aimara Reques.

Aconite’s Aimara Reques is currently hard at work developing one of the company’s current projects: Aquarela.

Directed by Victor Kossakovsky, Aquarela takes us on an epic journey, at the heart of which is the majestic element: water. Filming from an iceberg as it ruptures from a polar ice sheet and traverses the open sea, we experience the beauty of this essential life-giving element as well as its shattering power.

The project is developing well. We are currently in the funding stage and have been meeting with distributors, sale agencies and potential financiers in the US, and aim to have the financing in place and start production in spring 2015.

Aquarela is a co-production with ma.ja.deLouverture Films and Danish Documentary Production and the project is being developed thanks to Creative Scotland; Tribeca Film Institute and Eurimages.