Rest in Peace, Jess Search

10 Aug 2023
We are deeply saddened to return from our summer break and learn that Jess Search, co-founder of Doc Society, has passed away. Her work was inspirational and also instrumental in helping us to shape our documentary community.
Aconite had the privilege of seeing Jess at CPH:Dox in March this year when pitching Suki Chan’s documentary feature, CONSCIOUS. Looking at this image of Jess moderating our pitch reminds us of Jess’s strong and constant presence in our industry.
Jess was a fierce believer in the power of film to instigate change: to deliver “vital system-shifting narrative change work.” Jess located innovative sources of funding for seemingly “impossible” films to be made. Her last wish was to secure the Doc Society’s ability to make films about “the two critical and intertwined issues of climate change and democracies in crisis”.
We send our condolences to all at Doc Society, to her partner Beadie and their children Ella and Ben.
Rest in Peace, Jess. Your work will never be forgotten.