Scorching Burning Bitches pitching at IDFA

22 Nov 2014

SBB.pngAconite is delighted to announce a new production: Scorching Burning Bitches.

This exciting project has been selected to pitch on Tuesday the 25th November at this year’s International Film Festival and Forum in Amsterdam (IDFA)

Scorching Burning Bitches is a film and interactive project by Swedish filmmaker Marie Lidén which explores Electrosensitivity (ES). Having experienced the effects of ES first-hand, Marie Liden explores the vulnerability of people who suffer from this condition in an age when we are exposed to the effects of electrical networks more than ever.

This project is being supported by Creative Scotland and is a co-production with Bart Simpson (the producer behind The Corporation and Big Boys Gone Bananas!) through Lowik Media, Canada. The interactive site is being developed by Jamie Balliu of Up Creatives.

Marie says about the story:

Growing up, I used to think my mum was some kind of werewolf or had superpowers. She wasn’t like all the other mums. She spent days on end hidden in dark rooms, avoiding daylight. My sister and I had a device that could measure the levels of electrical density; however, by simply dragging her fingers over the wall, my mother could tell us exactly where the wires were drawn. She was always right. Soon, however, I realised that this wasn’t a superpower. Mum was actually really ill…

It turned out, my mother wasn’t the only one…

The film aims to demystify this increasingly common illness and to help provide some answers to the science behind it.

Keep your eyes peeled on this site for information on future developments!