The Boy And The Suit Of Lights


Filmed over the course of five years, this film follows Borja, a young boy who grows up oppressed by the weight of his family’s hopes and the lack of options for his own future.

He is the firstborn son of an underprivileged family in the provincial Spanish town of Castellon. Like most kids in his town, Borja doesn’t see a future outside of the town’s parameters, beyond orange fields, farming, fishing, and bullfighting.

Borja and his younger brother are being raised by their mother who struggles to make ends meet and patriarch grandfather Matias who pins his own unfulfilled dreams of becoming a professional bullfighter onto his grandchild, with the hopes that it will get the family out of poverty. But the reality of bullfighting today is not as grandfather remembers it, yet the family believes Borja will be the one who will make it against all odds.


Director: Inma De Reyes 

Producer: Aimara Reques

Co-producer: Beth Earl (Rustic Canyon)

Financial support:  Screen Scotland; Chicken & Egg