UN World Water Day & AQUARELA

19 Mar 2015

“Water is H2O: hydrogen two parts, oxygen one. But there is also a third thing that makes water and nobody knows what that is.”
– D.H. Lawrence

Sunday 22 March marks UN World Water Day – a day for water and water for sustainable development.

Coincidentally, on UN World Water Day, film director Victor Kossakovsky and his team will be at Lake Baikal to complete a new stage of research and development for our film AQUARELA.

The film is a special project that aims at reconnecting us with one of the most –if not the most – powerful substances on earth: water.

Water gives and takes away life. Life depends on it 100%, and that’s why visionary director Victor Kossakovsky wanted to develop this epic journey, at the heart of which is the majestic element of water.

Filming from an iceberg as it breaks from an ice sheet, melting as it traverses the sea, AQUARELA takes us into the perspective of water. In the film, we will experience the beauty of this essential life-giving element as well as its shattering power, and that’s why World Water Day is so important to us.

AQUARELA is a co-production with ma.ja.de, Louverture Films and Danish Documentary Production. Thanks to development support from Creative Scotland; Tribeca Film Institute; Sundance Film Institute and Eurimages.

What does World Water Day mean to you? Tweet us @aconitedocs using the official UN World Water Day hashtag #WaterIs and let us know.