The Wild Ones


THE WILD ONES is a creative documentary exploring the power of wild swimming. Set against a backdrop of the Scottish landscape, it tells the stories of loss, trauma, and healing. The film shows that water can provide freedom, emotional fulfillment and allow people to feel at home in their skin. It reminds us that it is good to be alive.

Combining interviews and observational footage, we come to understand our characters’ struggles and the way wild swimming inspires each person to overcome them. Theirs are stories of grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, body confidence issues, chronic pain and healing. Life-affirming and lyrical, THE WILD ONES captures the sheer exhilaration of swimming in cold, natural water.


Director: Eva Weber

Producers: Jessica Levick, Betty Aldous (Modern Films)

Co-Producer: Aimara Reques (Aconite Productions)

Financial support from Screen Scotland

Countries of co-production: England, Scotland


Photos by Anna Deacon from her book TAKING THE PLUNGE.